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Project Ideas

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Project Ideas


  • Welcoming Committee for Bristol 2010.
  • Implement product ratings on plone.org. Should be trivial and miziodel has more info when we get to it. 
  • Put together a free workshop for women in plone, similar to what they do for ruby on rails: http://sfrubyworkshops.com/ . This idea seems to be trending in the feedback so I'm putting it at the top. I have started an interest form so please pass it along so we can gauge if/when/where we can put this together.
  • Do a site for a non-profit
  • Pick a set of features/code to tune up or release (i,e, a plone4 plip)
  • Create and release a theme
  • Create and release an add on product
  • I (@eleddy) personally have a vendetta to solve the issue with duplicate caching between zope threads/instances
  • I (@jluvsu2) will continue my crusade to convince developers that code is not complete until it's documented.

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