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Our Purpose

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Let's brainstorm some ideas on what the purpose of our group should be.

Please add or comment as you see fit. These are in no particular order and definitely in draft form. Suggestions and discussion is encouraged!


  • We are a virtual user group from women- not just for women only. This user group is presented, maintained, and sponsored by women in the Plone community.
  • Provide a comfortable, welcoming place for those who do not want to use other Plone channels of communication. We are an alternative option, not a replacement.
  • Market Plone as a female friendly community.
  • Promote Plone as a thriving, diverse community. A place where diversity of all kinds is welcome.
  • Provide support and camaraderie among women in technology/open source.
  • Encourage women to get involved in technical fields in general.
  • Create awareness and cause a culture shift within the community.
  • Be involved, be visible, be vocal, contribute, participate. Get better at representing ourselves as a part of the Plone community.
  • We are a group that supports women, not a girls only club.


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Elizabeth Leddy said

at 1:11 pm on Nov 18, 2009

I really like the idea of visibility - this is something I think as women we tend to shy away from. Encouraging talks/sprints/conferences should be mega emphasized.

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